July 23, 2009


Going to see Harry Potter tonight. I can't wait to roll my eyes at all the things they cut out, add in, or just change in order to make it seem like the trio of Ron, Harry, and Hermione are the only kids who attend Hogwarts anymore. I also can't wait to hate the new Dumbledore even more than I already do based on the last two movies. I bet he's going to be all angry and shouty like in Goblet of Fire.

Oh I saw Away We Go a couple weeks ago at Sundance. They wouldn't give us the student discount because only one of us had a valid ID, so I didn't really enjoy the movie as much as I probably could have. That, plus the fact that Maya Rudolph's character kept getting praised for her beauty by all the other characters and I kept being more and more incredulous, made it an average to below-average movie-going experience. Don't tell Emily that, though. She was too busy laughing and/or crying through the whole thing as if it perfectly captured her torturous struggle as a mixed race pregnant woman in her early thirties.

I kind of want to see Zombie Strippers again. Remember when we got to see that for free because that guy I had a class with knew worked at the theater? And we were the only ones in the theater so we got to talk and laugh at it the whole time? That was great.

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