June 27, 2010

Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast

I had no idea these four foods had such curative powers.

June 21, 2010

Elizabeth + Baus = JenMarie Davis?

"Eve best likes filling her glass in the dark, listening, within kitchen atmosphere acoustics,
for the sound water makes at capacity. Cold water colliding into glass sounds different
from hot"

"she keeps keen ears for reason. To shut out uninvited spirits and sentient beings, says
a voice. But, Eve wonders, how does a blue threshold barricade the unseen?"


June 19, 2010

Oh America, you make me smile in a sad sort of way

I feel confident in assuming that Debra Jackson may be a resident of Alabama.

June 13, 2010

Summer Reading is the Best Kind of Reading

"We make elaborate diagrams for one another using pink phone-message sheets. You write these words: Kissing you would be like this, and draw a picture of two butterflies being struck by lightning. I stare at it and wonder if you may be right. I do my own drawing and write, Kissing you would be like this, and draw a picture of a man made of ice kissing a woman who is actually a stove. We have made hundreds of these drawings."

"People are becoming clouds nowadays. Each time John goes to kiss his wife, Eleanor simply laughs politely into the palm of her hand and immediately turns into a puff of soft white vapor. The vapor is quite odorless and can assume various shapes. It can still understand when it is being spoken to, the vapor. It can understand whenever John begins wordlessly crying. One time, while holding hands at the airport, john, without thinking, kissed Eleanor's soft cheek and she immediately turned into a puff of charming whiteness that resembled a young pony leaping over a fence post."

"After he is acquitted, Clark Olofsson will begin a lifelong friendship with Kristin Ehnemark. On holidays and birthdays, when he is not in prison, they will exchange presents with one another. One year, for Christmas, Olofsson will give Ehnemark a white rabbit in a perforated box. It will have a blue bow around its neck. It will smell of violet perfume and will be stolen from a local pet store. It will be the best present Kristin ever receives. In her dreams, Kristin sees Clark as a hand made of ice."

(from Demons In the Spring)

June 09, 2010

five minute poems

I have poems up at New Wave Vomit today.

If you were in the sweatshoppe they are nothing new.

June 05, 2010

Apparently being 30 equals being healthy. Whether it's the influence of some strange biological impulse or spending the last month in Madison with my culinarily gifted & semi-vegetarian girlfriend, lately I'm seeking out, cooking, and eating all kinds of things I either used to hate, thought I hated, or just never bothered to try. some of my new favorites include couscous, fruit (especially in salad form), broccoli, & bell peppers. Some old favorites getting more playing time include black beans, lentils, bread (the real kind, from a bakery), and salads.

I know you're proud.