March 30, 2010

Double Shiny 2.0 is ready for your perusal

March 20, 2010


Re: Your Poetry Submission

We thank you for the opportunity to read your manuscript. Unfortunately, your work does not meed our needs at this time. Because we know how much effort went into this submission, we regret the use of this form. But the volume of manuscripts we receive makes a personal reply impossible.

The Editors

March 09, 2010

6:02 PM
me: what should be for dinner?
Jennifer: chips and guacamole from chipotle
me: $$$
try sunchips
and diet cherry coke
Jennifer: okay
sunchips and dccoke
me: poem
I like that chipotle has FoodInc posters
I like being "earth friendly"
but I can't afford their food
I guess i'll just eat sun chips
and drink diet coke
at home
then throw my sunchips bag out my window
and watch it biodegrade
over the next 2 weeks
like in that commercial
(end of poem)

March 08, 2010

The second issue of Double Shiny is right around the corner.

(I know you're on pins & needles)

March 03, 2010

Do you know that it's Small Press Month?

Maybe you want to go here and maybe buy a few things.

(Or feel free to peruse the offerings of your small press website of choice)