August 23, 2010


Back to School here in the South

Started a new poem. I'm using made up words, combo words, and various
other syntactical tricks. So there's that.

I also have some new poems forthcoming in Caketrain #8, which will be
out later this year. Elizabeth is finally ready to make her public debut,
after much workshopping and sweatshoppe-ing.

August 05, 2010

Mary Todd on Her Deathbed

"I can hear them, choking on spoons, screaming / in shower stalls;
the fat are given only / a raw egg and whiskey / and those
who refuse / to eat are force-fed. The least crazy sing, /
picking scalp scabs in window seats. / One woman finds
scissors /and stabs herself / again and again. (...)"

-Julianna Baggot (BAP 2000)

So happy I finally found this poem (which is much longer than what I've quoted here)again, after much searching through various libraries. I've been wanting to write a poem (or even series of poems) on Howard Hughes near the end of his life, and this poem has stuck with me as a potential model for that project ever since I first read it several years ago.