January 24, 2012

Mutilation Questionnaire (True/False)

1. I could not remove the hook from a fish that was caught.
2. I would feel some revulsion looking at a preserved brain in a jar.
3. If a badly injured person appears on TV, I turn my head away.
4. I dislike looking at pictures of accidents or injuries in magazines.
5. I do not mind visiting a hospital and seeing ill or injured persons.
6. Medical odors make me tense and uncomfortable.
7. I would not want to go hunting because I could not stand the sight of a dead animal.
8. Watching a butcher at work would make me anxious.
9. A career as a doctor or nurse is very attractive to me.
10. I would feel faint if I saw someone with a wound in the eye.
11. Watching people use sharp power tools makes me nervous.
12. The prospect of getting an injection or seeing someone else get one bothers me quite a bit.
13. I feel sick or faint at the sight of blood.
14. I enjoy reading articles about modern medical techniques.
15. Injuries, accidents, blood, etc. bother me more than anything else.
16. Under no circumstances would I accept an invitation to watch a surgical operation.
17. When I see an accident I feel tense.
18. It would not bother me to see a bad cut as long as it had been cleaned and stitched.
19. Using very sharp knives makes me nervous.
20. Not only do cuts and wounds upset me, but also the sight of people with amputated limbs, large scars, or plastic surgery.
21. If instruments were available, it would be interesting to see the action of the internal organs in a living body.
22. I am frightened at the idea of someone drawing a blood sample from me.
23. I don’t believe anyone could help a person with a bloody wound without feeling at least a little upset.
24. I am terrified by the idea of having surgery.
25. I am frightened by the thought that I might some day have to help a person badly hurt in a car wreck.
26. I shudder when I think of accidently cutting myself.
27. The sight of dried blood is repulsive.
28. Blood and gore upset me no more than the average person.
29. The sight of an open wound nauseates me.
30. I could never swab out a wound.

January 11, 2012

I have a poem in the new Indiana Review, which showed up in my mailbox today.

January 04, 2012

Here is one of those lists people make in late Dec/early Jan.

I remember listening to these the most:

Wye Oak - Civilian
Destroyer - Kaputt
Jonsi - Go
Washed Out - Within & Without
Moonface - Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like You'd Hoped
Explosions In the Sky - Take Care Take Care Take Care
St Vincent - Strange Mercy
TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light

I remember watching these the most:

Downton Abbey
Cedar Rapids
The American

I remember reading these the most:

Hunger Games
The Bodyfeel Lexicon
The Grief Performance
Creation Myth
Five Quarts
Bad Bad

I have a pretty bad memory. The tornado feels like it was years ago, so this list is pretty skewed towards fall & winter.