September 24, 2009

International News

O kinky Brits.
O witty PR reps.

September 18, 2009

Some Highlights from a Collaborative Poem I was 1/3 responsible for Composing Today

Every year snails retreat to Alaska. This phenomenon
occurs so that women may dance naked atop igloos.

Songs are such irritating inventions.

Somehow Alaskans regret everything.

Illuminated solar panels digest light. So does
my beard full of bees.

Whales also wail when they slaughter seals, or small romances.

My favorite past-time is killing whales, or their babies
with bludgeons, axes, darts, whips, or hugs.

September 11, 2009

Driving on Lurleen Wallace Blvd.

It took over a month, but I finally saw my first confederate flag-themed truck the other day. It was pretty great. Picture an antique ford pick-up truck painted dukes of hazard orange, with the entire back windshield painted thusly-

September 02, 2009

The State

is FINALLY out on DVD. The whole series. It really happened. Apparently it happened like 6 weeks ago but I just saw it at Target tonight for the first time. Lollipops, indeed.

The State DVD