February 20, 2011

Bird & Meat Subject

the words / in my throats // once sure as cream //
spinning the human voice / around the atom

Maybe you want to read more of Eleni Sikelianos?

February 17, 2011

mfa talk

B. Wells: poetry's not a real thing matthew. it doesnt count.
Me: no but fiction's boring. rather be fake than boring
B. Wells: yeah? haha. i had no idea.
Me:seems like a good motto for life?

February 04, 2011

How Have I Gone This Long Without Ever Annagramming My Name?

These are just five of the 25,779 possibilities:

Ahem Tan My Wheat

A Wheat Tame Hymn

Eaten Hath My Maw

Methane What May

Mama Hath Ten Yew

Off you go to do your own.

February 03, 2011