June 24, 2009

Three cats vs. one mouse Part II

I headed towards the bathroom, and noticed what I first took to be one of the cats' many toys lying on the small green rug in front of the shower. As I got closer to it I realized that this was a lifeless mouse, rather than the similarly lifeless toy mice I usually see around the house.

As I leaned in even closer I realized it was also a headless mouse, its neck ending in a blood-stained tangle of fur. There was a spot of blood the size of a thumbprint on the tile floor, and a few stray pieces of dark fur, but no mouse head. I stopped leaning in so close, widening the scope of my search, strongly regretting my decision to survey the room barefoot.

I just knew I was going to find that tiny, bloody mouse head with my toes by accident, probably while crossing the kitchen with a plate of food later that week.


Jeni said...

....and the brave little mouse lived happily ever after! THE END.

Kate said...

That's what you get for playing god. ;)