February 27, 2010

For Homework I had to write a blurb for a book that I like. My blurb is probably a little longer than the average blurb, but who's to say what the word limit for a blurb is? I'm starting to feel like when Hobbes kept saying "Smock" all through that comic strip, so I'm going to move on.

I Am In the Air Right Now

by Kathryn Regina

If this collection of poems were a person it would be the kind of attractive and intriguing person you might notice browsing in your local bookstore, or while standing in line to order a skim latte at your favorite coffee shop. Seeing them would make you wonder why you’ve never seen this person before, and you’d debate talking to them in case you never see them again. In the end, you would post a Missed Connection for them on Craigslist, and if you were very lucky, you would receive a reply that was, like Regina’s poems, filled with the strange meditations of a dedicated hot air balloonist, including musings on bears, Native Americans, boys named Pedro, puppets, and pollution.


betsy! said...

what class are you taking where you write blurbs?

Kathryn said...

matthew, thank you! i think you are the first person that has ever blurbed me. i'm going to put it on my blog. and yeah, what class is this. your teacher is saucy.

Matthew Mahaney said...

This is for a nonfiction forms class that's all about using mediums that are traditionally non-creative (interviews, bios, blurbs, acknowledgments, etc.) in a creative way. It's pretty fun.