December 08, 2009

What I am Doing While Snowed In This Week

1. Playing a lot of games on my sister's Ipod touch, especially Unblock Me,
which is an addictive puzzle game involving freeing one red block from a sea
of boring brown blocks. 1.5 days in, I am currently on puzzle 96 out of 400.

2. Playing a lot of Wii.

3. Eating a lot of pumpkin pie ice cream.

4. Reading Kathryn Regina (again)
and Karyna McGlynn
and maybe even the new issue of Gulf Coast

5. Writing elevator game flash fiction.


Kathryn said...

hey matthew, thanks for linking me. i'm glad you like the balloonist. i'm working on a full length book which may or may not ever be finished.

you're snowed in in alabama? i need to turn on the news.

farren said...

I read Karyna McGlynn this break too. OMG Y'ALL OMG