November 16, 2009

Cough Syrup and Poetry

I got carded trying to buy Nyquil at Target the other day.
OK, trying to buy the Target brand equivalent of Nyquil.
Apparently all the kids are drinking a bottle of cough syrup to get high.

Apparently it's called Robotripping. (It's all over urban dictionary)

I'm assuming this is more related to Robitussin than Robocop (the movie or the Kanye West song), though it should really be Robitripping then...

unless the effects produced by drinking a bottle of cough syrup
include hallucinations in which the drinker thinks they are a robot,
are being attacked by robots, or develop robotic movements or speech patterns.

The makers of Robitussin must be thrilled.

My next assignment: write a poem about a cough medicine-abusing robotic police officer from the future.


Kevin Weidner said...

Did you not know about this?

It's not a bad experience at all. Just saying.

farren said...

I second Kevin. Except in high school I combined a bottle of this with a bottle of sake, and that was a turrible idea.

Also Cate Marvin writes a poem about drinking a bottle of Nyquil in World's Tallest Disaster. Good stuffz.