April 22, 2009

Alliterative Animals

So I've been working on a book idea for a while now, sort of an illustrated tour of the alphabet and the animal kingdom, and I need some feedback on my letter/animal pairings. Please vote for your favorite in any instance where there are multiple choices for a letter, and also feel free to suggest any new pairing(s), as long as they fit the theme. Thanks!

Mr. Nicklepenny’s Sickly Menagerie

African Sleeping Sickness Alligator / Acid Reflux Ant
Bubonic Plague Baboon / Bi-Polar Bear
Crohn’s Disease Cat / Cancerous Capybara / Cervical Cancer Crocodile
Diphtheria Dog
Encephalitis Elephant / E-Coli Eel
Feverish Fox / Fibromyalgia Ferret
Gonorrhea Gorilla / Gout Gopher
Huntington’s Horsefly / Hepatitis Horse / Hemorrhoid Hamster
Impetigo Iguana
Jaundiced Jellyfish
Kwashiorkor Kangaroo
Lupus Lobster / Leprosy Llama
Munchausen’s Moose / Melanoma Monkey
Narcoleptic Narwhal
Osteoporosis Owl
Pica Porcupine / Pink-eye Panda
Quarantined Quail
Rheumatoid Rabbit / Rubella Robin
Scurvy Squirrel
Typhoid Tiger / Tetanus Tiger
Undiagnosed Unicorn
Vertigo Vulture
West Nile Wallaby / Whooping cough Walrus
Xerophthalmia Xerus
Yellow Fever Yak
Zinc–deficiency Zebra


Luke said...

Lupus is too popular with House and whatnot.

Might I suggest Leprosy? Always a winner, and rotting limbs always pop when illustrated.

Jeni said...

I don't think horsefly is an animal but hamster is.